An interview with Miri Rodriguez, Senior Storyteller Future of Work at Microsoft. We discuss how applying design thinking principles to storytelling helps brands be more empathetic and connect more humanly with their target audience.

Do you believe the current rapid advances of Artificial Intelligence will lead to a time in the future where a robot will write a New York Times best-selling novel about a great love story?

This is one of the many exciting topics I discuss with my latest podcast guest, Miri Rodriguez. Miri has arguably one of the coolest job titles at Microsoft. Her business card reads "Senior Storyteller Future of Work." For the past several years, Miri has perfected storytelling for brands through this role at Microsoft.

She is a creative journalist, content strategist, renowned keynote speaker and international thought leader in brand storytelling, personal branding and youth entrepreneurship.

Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Miri is an award-winning and globally recognized storyteller using empathy to help transform companies into more diverse, impactful and audience-focused organizations.

"A robot will never know what it is to really love," she said. Still, we get into an interesting discussion on how AI is already having a significant impact on our storytelling processes as humans and brand storytellers. Miri is a firm believer in using design thinking to tell stories that matter.

Five years after she joined Microsoft ten years ago, Miri was assigned to an engineering team to tell stories about #data, security and AI. "I failed miserably," she admitted. But she came out of this initial experience as a stronger person and storyteller.

"I needed to take myself beyond the mere telling of stories and into the magical world of story designing," she shared.

The "Future of Work" part of her job title involves exploring employee engagement and experience, hybrid work, and the #metaverse—which are very timely topics since the world of work has been fundamentally and perhaps irreversibly transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Her holistic well-being and happiness: Be Mindful, Be Happy

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