My favorite part of any large city I visit has always been the bohemian neighbourhoods. It’s sacrilegious for me not stop by Soho when in New York City to take in the art galleries, trendy coffee shops and cast-iron architecture. It’s also true that my French-born wife, who has been responsible for passing on to me a true appreciation for artisanal pastries, will always also make sure that we find the perfect pastry shop, serving authentic French chocolate croissants, to accompany a great cappuccino.

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Many people you ask can point to a favourite restaurant or bar where they love to go that has the perfect balance of tasty food, atmosphere, and great memories of past dinners and good times with friends. A place where we can spend hours as if time stood still. One of these places for me over my decade of living in Toronto, Canada, prior to moving abroad as an expat has been 7 West Café. It’s got a truly unique décor, infectious vibe, great background music and a homey feeling.

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As part of my first trip to Brazil this summer, the city of Salvador de Bahia was high on my list . Known as the centre of Afro-Brazilian culture, I was eager to see for my self the beautiful colonial buildings, taste the cuisine, and experience sights and sounds of live capoeira dancers in the streets.

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Travel enthusiasts like myself all have a bucket list; and somewhere in between world wonders like the Great Pyramids of Giza, Machu Picchu and Victoria Falls are also some famous streets and avenues. Ones that immediately come to mind are the Champs-Elysées in Paris, Broadway in New York, La Rambla in Barcelona, or Hollywood Boulevard. But how many of those legendary streets boast a continuous history of nearly seven hundred years?

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When many people envision the impressive rock-cut tombs of the pre-Islamic Nabatean kingdom (circa 168 BCE to 106 CE), what immediately comes to mind is the emblematic Al Khazneh (or Treasury) in Petra, Jordan; immortalized in popular consciousness through the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. To this day, over twenty-five years after the film’s release, many Indiana Jones hats and lassos are sold to tourists who eagerly take pictures with them on horseback.

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